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Unique 429mm 2+2 WA

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What does this fit?

Perfect for the rear on any vans simply select your height depending on van type. More information on what fits can be found on our General helper page or on our Custom Build Helper

Step 1

Measure the internal height of your van this can be with in 100mm of the roof or up to the height you can comfortably fix and scribe the units to the side.

Step 2

If you require more internal room in the middle of the van between the units we offer slim depth units these can be found here Pro Unique Range

This increases the floor are between units mainly between the wheel archs each side. All slim depth units are still able to take all standard boxes.

We also have a more in depth helper page for anything thats more custom that can be found here Custom Van Builds Helper

Whats this? SH2, SH3

SH2, SH3 explained


Recess feet holes to suit Festool systainersOr for Makita Makpac supplied with 2 x 20mm pins for stoping boxes falling off. Upgrade Catch option.


All shelves are recessed to take drawer partsAll shelves are recessed to take Festool Systainer boxes

What's Included?


12 x Height adjustable shelves

Ugrade catch option is on all Unique SH2 units. Standard push button catch on all Concept units.

4x Wheel arch box/tilt sets

4x Back stays

Top plinth is 79mm

Unit assembly fixings are included.

Any L brackets can be used to secure to the van (these are not supplied)


All the Unique Range is manufactured in 12mm wbp ply


You can find all measurement here Measure Tool

View in 360° 

Shipping & Returns

Everything is made to order, We aim to send all orders in 2 weeks this time can vary depending on workload. Full Shipping policy can be found here

All orders are currently shipped on a pallet servives.

We will have a stocked items collection these are ready to ship and can be with you withing 48 hours depending on carrier.

When we receive an order, we will be able to give you accurate delivery date with in 24 hours please call or message to confim this. If a delivery date is needed befor an orderis placed please call on of the team and we will confirm a date and work to this.

Here we have the Brand New Unique 429mm 2+2 WA built from the ground up.