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Unique 1200 429mm Duo

Unique 1200 429mm Duo

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Here we have the Brand New Unique 1200 429mm Mono built from the ground up.  This is a new option. Select how many shelves you require or use the tool below to configure the unit to suit your boxes.

All units are ready for Makita Makpac on one side of the shelf & Festool Systainer and new SYS3 Gen3 on the other side.

Unique 1200 Standard 429mm Duo (flat tops)

Unique 1200 Standard 429mm Duo

Unique 1200 Wheel Arch 429mm Duo (flat tops)

Unique 1200 Wheel Arch 429mm Duo

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Welcome to the Unique Range

SH1, SH2, SH3

SH1, SH2, SH3 explained


All SH1 unit's under the Unique Range with come with standard tops


All SH2 units wil be Flattop this allows for adding rail level storage.


All shelves/drawer bases are recessed to take drawer parts. All shelves are recessed for the required tool boxes.

Unit Depth

Only standard unit depth with a shelf depth of 380mm.


All Custom Solutions Ranges are manufactured in 12mm wbp ply. Birch Ply is avalible on request on the Unlimited option only.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy: 


All stock items shown on our site are ready for dispatch, We currently offer shipping based on order weight. These are done custom by the team or alternately we use a SPS Standard Pallet Service.


Majority Of Orders:

All orders are on a SPS Standard Pallet Service with a charge of £94 due to increase March 2023 to £115. More shipping option will come to this site shortly for different services. Express shipping options also available.

We currently are making all orders to order with a lead time of 2 weeks (this can vary speak to one of the team before ordering), Please get in touch or send us a message for latest deliver details. you can contact us here As soon as a order is placed this will issue a Order number and you will get a call with in 24 hours to confirm order.


95% of orders are custom and made to your requirements for this reason no items are returnable due to a fault of your own, being incorrect size or wrong item. We can provide you will full order notes to confirm who's at fault. We always try to do our best with any given situation. Any damaged items should not be signed for. Please check all wrapping is in good order please take any photos on delivery to help us if something was missed. If any signs of damage please refuse delivery and make a call to one of the team 07730437555. We would offer another item on return of your Incorrect product free of charge due to refuse of damage item. Please also include proof via photo to us so we can act quickly and responsible. As we understand time is money.


Stock: we aim to be as accurate as possible with our stock if for any unknown reason we are out or stock or unable to fulfil the item in the times given, a member of of staff will contact you straight away.

We aim to do our best on Customer service, sometimes we are unable to reply straight away to emails. We will always do our best to answer calls. If you can not get hold of us straight away we will return your calls.


Made to Order or In Stock?

We stock limited standard sets please phone proir to ordering, All items are genrally made to order with a avrage 2 week lead time, once a order is received we will give you a call and let you know current lead times. We work hard to make and pack your order as soon as possible. If you have a new van coming or want it for a date please phone before ordering.

The Unique Range The perfect home for your power tools.

- What The Unique Range Offers You -

  • Unit Heights

    As standard the Unique Range offers unit height's including

    1000mm Partner Caddy sized van

    1200mm Custom, Vaviro H1

    1500mm Ford Transit H2

    1775mm Transit, Sprinter, Crafter H3

  • Unit Width

    The Unique Range is available in width including 429mm, 474mm, 500mm,529mm, 600mm, 629mm.

  • Extra Information

    We have one standard depth of unit being 545mm overall with 130mm to scribe to your van, this give a shelf depth of 380mm. All units include a upgrade option to our pull catches.

More Options for the Unique Range

- With the system being modular you can create your own system for small wheel base vans to long wheel base vans -

- We build a set for you and your tools each set is unique -

- From small heigh vans up to crafter and sprinter H3 vans -

Whats more important is we learn what tools you have and where you are heading in the next few years to make sure we have a set designed for you.

Concept Mono

The perfect start for any van.

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Concept Duo

Perfect start for a short wheel base.

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Concept Trio

Perfect start for a long wheel base. Followed by the duo wheel arch units to complete a 5 unit set.

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Concept Small Wheelbase

For standard size vans we offer sets to suit Makita, Festool, Dewalt, Bosch. we are adding to our collection weekly

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Concept Long Wheelbase

For long wheelbase vans we offer sets to suit Makita, Festool, Dewalt, Bosch. we are adding to our collection weekly.

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