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Custom Solutions UK

Set 12921

Set 12921

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Welcome to Custom Solutions UK

What we offer?

Custom Solutions UK have been designing and building products from 2014. We founded what is now our Concept, Unique, Pro Unique & Unlimited Range through hard work and working closley with customers. We offer some of our designs as downloadables


All Custom Solutions products are now manufactured in 12mm wbp ply. We can offer products in birch ply on request or painted to your own colour on our new Unlimited 2023.

We offer a limited number of 3D printed items these to are manufactured in house.

We can also supply all stickers for van racking,company stickers van decals and more. More information will be coming ot the site in 2023.

Whats Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is our chosen sofware for bringing things to life so you can view and configure. We are working hard to bring all products to life, we will bring more details to the site of dates products will become available, here's an example of the 3D viewer you can measure, configure the units Concept Mono 3D viewer

Manufacture Times

Majorty of our products are made to order we aim for a 2 week delivery date. If you are looking to get something sooner, we are here to help so please give us a call to discuss. Or send us a email

What we aim to do?

- Its not just van racking storage we offer -

  • Company Stickers & Branding

    If you are looking for a rebrand or to simply print something you all ready have a design for give us a email we have a in house print service more information will be found across the site on this.

  • Over the phone help?

    Have you ever felt in a situation you dont know where to turn, need someone to talk to with regards to work, work life balance, getting organised, dont know where to start. a 5 munite phone call can sort if out. give me a ring 07730437555.

  • Excited about 2023

    Yes we have some huge changes coming the teams has grown and we are ready for take off. We are super excited about the new Unlimited Range and van decals that will be pushed more in the coming months.

  • Partner Progromme

    In the month before the new year we will be officially starting our partner programme, this will be accesed from the bottom of any web page. we will be having diffrent options available so keep your eyey open.

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In he coming weeks we will have more simplified directions for small van large vans, decals for vans, company stickers.

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