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Box Racking

Unique 1200 Deal 1 (Systainer or Tstack)

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Power tool

Unique 1200 D1 Systainer or Dewalt tstack

We aim to keep deals in stock please phone for a delivery address prior to order. 7-10 day delivery if out of stock.

DEAL INCLUDES:                                                                 

  • 2 x Unique 1200 (standard unit) Systainer ready   

  • 2 x Unique 1200 (wheel arch unit) Systainer ready                                                                

  • 14 Systainer or dewalt Tstack/organiser SH3 shelfs                                                    


    • No limits Van racking 
    • Suits most vans
    • Transporter/Transit/Vario/Traffic/Caddy/Boxer
    • 430mm maximum wheel arch height ( this is not a limit, we will build a set to suit your van if required) please call with any questions.
    • Unit height 1200mm 
    • Any shelf can become a drawer on SH3 shelves
    • Suits Systainers
    • Shelves can hold flat bottom boxes
    • Shelves can become trays (tray parts sold separately)
    • 8 fixed shelf options (standard unit)
    • 4 fixed shelf options (wheel arch unit)
    • Quality push button catch fitted to wheel arch tilt boxes


    Height: 1200mm

    Width: 430mm Or 474mm 

    4 unit width: 1720mm Systainer or 1896mm for dewalt

    Depth: 545mm (including 130mm scribe panel)

    Internal width: 405mm

    Shelf depth maximum: 380mm

    Maximum wheel arch height: 430mm 



    Possible options when fitting:

    The top can be one big tray or 4 separate compartments, All you are required to do is cut the tops off the middle units.

    Units require scribing to your van and fitting, units supplied flatpack.

     Scribe as less as possible to re fit in multiple vans.