Partner Opportunities

We are a small team of like minded people looking to make change and opportunities to anyone looking to become a entrepreneur.

If you are self driven and looking for a chance to have a go at doing something alone, you are in the right place. Here you will find other creations and options of business opportunities offered by Custom Solutions UK. 

if you are a independent or sole trader looking for a boost in business but don’t t know where to start. Simple send me a message saying help and we will get back to you. 


You may ask whats included in a Starter Subscription?

  • Website Hosting Management
  • Website Updates/Management
  • Software Updates
  • Use of Section 1 Custom Solutions vectors
  • Shared Dropbox Folder/Folders
  • Access to Custom Solutions Stickers

Website Hosting Management

We offer custom websites and part of our after services is to continue to help manage the technical part.


Website Updates/Management

For a continued service and a website to continually be high on the likes of google Updates are a key part of this, some times these are very much over looked.


Software Updates

Depending on the complexity of a website, similar to website updates. There can be multiple parts to update with regards to software.


Use of section 1 Custom Solutions Vectors

We offer a number of products that can be manufactured on our Starter Plan, We include all the files, technical help and updates.


Shared Dropbox Folder/Folders

We give you full access to a shared dropbox folder this can included folders in a folder depending how organised you are looking to get.


Access to Custom Solutions Stickers

We will show you just where you can buy Custom Solutions Stickers.