Design Service Custom Installs

  • Whats Included

    Our design service includes a DXF file with all sheet layouts and labeled parts, as well as a full 3D image of the installation. The cost of this service starts at £100. We also offer technical assistance with designs and can help with toolpath information. If you require a Vectric .crv file, we can provide it at no extra charge upon request. Additionally, we can provide full toolpaths on a master file for an additional fee. Please note that you will need to have Vectric Cut2dpro installed on the computer that will output to the machine.

  • Who is this for?

    Our custom van installs are designed for individual customers who require a tailored solution for their specific tools and needs. With adjustability at your fingertips, we can create a set that is perfect for you. We can manufacture these sets in-house or, if you're only looking for a design at the moment, we can start the process by creating a unique design that is tailored to your requirements.

  • Why use this option?

    This is a perfet start if you love ur system not sure where to start and you want to ultimate organisation. The main purpose is so you can also get this made else where. Saying this we can always offer the full package out the box, including in house manufaturing.

You Sketch

We provide the design you need this includes design files and images to get your custom install manufactured. We truly have changed the industry.

2D vectors

Our design service includes a DXF file with all sheet layouts and labeled parts

3D visualization

We offer all customer who choose our design service a 3D visualization of their install.


We can offer a full file with tool paths the end user/manufature would require Vectric Cut2dpro to run the progromme.

  • Flexibility

    Modular van racking can be designed to fit the specific needs of the tradesperson. It offers the flexibility to add or remove shelves, drawers, and compartments as required, making it easy to organize tools and equipment in a way that suits the individual's work requirements.

  • Improved efficiency

    With a customized modular van racking solution, tradespeople can easily access the tools and equipment they need for a job, improving their efficiency and productivity. The organized storage system saves time, prevents loss or damage to tools, and increases the speed of work.

  • Safety

    Customized van racking can be designed to include secure storage solutions that protect tools and equipment from theft. Additionally, well-organized racking systems can prevent accidents and injuries, as tradespeople won't need to search for tools, which can result in trips and falls.

  • Professional image

    A customized modular van racking system can give tradespeople a professional image. A well-organized van with neatly stored tools and equipment conveys professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail, which can help build a strong reputation and lead to repeat business.

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We have the starting place to buy simple 1-5 unit insall designs. find the design and simple buy from the link below.

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