Deciding A System

Festool van racking GETTING ORGANISED



Where do we start with today's tool storage? With so many options we are just looking for a simple answer. You are in the right place. We are trying to break down the understanding of tool systems and getting organised. 


The key to being organised is to, not over confuse things from the start. Now you might be looking at your tools and thinking how do I get this to a system? We understand you have a collection of tools over many years. The answer is simple. 
Let's start by itemising tools. 
  • What's the majority brand of your power tools?
  • What you using for parts and accessories?
  • How are your hand tools stored?
  • Do you have a day to day bag or box?
  • We will be looking to keep the information in the above bullet points through this article, to help you create an organised system that suits you. 


Once you look at what you have,  you can start to make things clearer. Do you have a majority power tool brand? This is the ultimate if you are looking to streamline things and get in a simple working system. Having said this if you don't have a preferred tool brand and find yourself with a variety of different boxes, the simplest answer is to used the preferred power tool boxes to help create your system. This might be suited/help with most of your tools. We will speak about storage for parts & accessories later on in this article. 


Main power tool brands and boxes include some of the following. 
  • Festool (Systainer)