Custom Install Helper

  • Heights

    Our standard heights include 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1775mm. If you require a custom height please specify on your design we can manufactur a unit up to 2400mm.

  • Widths

    Our standard unit widths are 429mm, 474mm, 500mm, 529mm, 600mm, 629mm. or please specify your unit width. we can make units from 350mm - 950mm.

  • Depths

    At this stage we have 2 currrent depth 322mm shel and a 380mm shelf. If you require something more custom please get in touch of include if on your design upload.

  • Information

    Simply sketch something rough and we can work around it include width, height and depth of each unit or specify tool brands you would like to house.

    Click below to download a simple file you can sketch and doodle then uplaod with your form below. (coming soon)

    429mm Festool Makita

    474mm Stanley organiser, Dewalt tstack, Bosch Lboxx, Sortmaster

    500mm & 529mm can be used for the tools above.

    600mm Milwaukee Packout

    629mm Dewalt Tough System

  • Guide Price

    All custom installs are built the same as the Pro Unique Range. The only diffrence is you can customise and configure you install, including custom unit height, width, depths & top design can be custom, custom rail box level box option. This type of install starts at £1500. If you are looking for colour please head to our Unlimited options

Sketch Example

Try give us as much details as possible. A simple side on sketch or a top view starting with a floor plan image. If it's something more complex then please include as much details as possible.

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