Our Purpose?

About me and Custom Solutions UK

Being in the trade for 14 years mastering carpentry. Ill add a link to some of the job i have done over the years HERE. I see unorganised trades, me being one, day in and out. I then come to realise working all hours didn’t give me time to enjoy a work life balance This being said this is now what i am set out to do.


Our Thoughts 

We have a simple philosophy when it comes to working in the trade and being organised. 

1. A lot of trades under price them self and work all hours, have no time to enjoy your work life balance. Generally you will never think about this while you are wrapped up in your work.

2. What we help you understand is price work correctly, slow your work pace, as we all have a limited work years.  Yes this seams backwards but in general everything is in life.

Our aim is for any individual small businesses looking to grow. If you are fed up of your current routine look no further. We can change everything for the better, giving you purpose and re-evaluation of your purpose. 


Things we are here to help with? To list a few...

1. Getting organised including tools and van storage. check out www.sysinserts.co.uk or www.boxrackking.com for van storage solutions.
2. Creating your own image wether it’s a rebrand or a fresh look. anything from websites to business stickers
3. Help making your business digital, Including help with social media, automating social media to you website, taking digital payment with your very own website
4. Making more money, including. multiple revenue streams giving the ability to make money from orders on line, as well as off line. We help with local social advertising and more.
5. Growing your business. If this is something you are simply looking to do give me a call an as what i can do to help as im in a hole and i just don't know what to do.


Looking for a huge change?

Anyone looking for a huge change like i had in 2014. From me working as a carpenter for 14 years, to now running a cnc and building multiple online business. we are now developing a part of our business that helps anyone looking to manufacture using a cnc.

Just a few downloadable file so far but we are going to be growing this massively. we have thousands of designs built around tool storage, furniture, also our van racking.



Don't be shy!!

Never be shy to give me a call 07730437555 or a text simply saying give me a call! I have been through ups and downs never asking for help. This is a reason behind my business model. As us like minded people can actually help each other.