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Welcome! let’s start by introducing my self born James Staines but been Jamie my whole life. So please excuse the slight confusion! Having left school at 16 (2001) going straight to college for 4 years sticking with my carpentry & Joinery course passing with only a couple in my class. At this time I was working for my small family business. After setting off on my own for 14 years. Enjoyed every working day, allowed me to master my craft and do some amazing jobs along the way! 

Moving forward to 2014-2017 I felt a lack of challenge and had a horrible couple of years trying to find my self, understanding the trade and being in it, led me to my next chapter! I found what is Custom Solutions UK at the same time of buying a new CNC. I felt my life started again, with unlimited challenges and no one to show me the way. Yes something i now understand about my self i thrive on! I was 110% ready for this. So I worked day and night creating our first products including our best sellers even now, Custom Solutions Van Racking.

We have now been at this for around 6-7 years creating a library of product that are fully customisable to your requirements. We are currently going through some huge changes bringing all our products to the 3D world with a real life visualisation. Something that will create ordering very simple and effective. If you are a manufacture yourself check out the partners information at the nottom of this page on the right.

In the time of building what we have I have honestly lacked in customer service, as I was going through my bad times. I am now fully aware of this! I’ve learnt a huge amount over the years and now put customer communication at the front of what we do. Simply give me a call any time I’m here to help! 

Our aim is to build a platform for like minded people to get organised, work efficiently, stop double handling and wasting time. All our main products can be found directly on this site. Thank you for your time Jamie Staines

  • Transit custom van racking Festool

    The King Of Organised Trades

    While we are working hard to give you a full van configuration tool, so you can place your order simply and effectively. Check out the new Concept 3D Range

  • Business Sticker

    We offer in house printing for all business stickers. See the start of our growing collection. Stickers Here These can be applied to any part of your business to create the ultimate image. New products comeing shortly.

NEW 3D Configurator Has Landed 🛬

Something we have been working long and hard on over the years is to get our product on a 3d viewer, so you can play and configure yourselves.

We now have this live for the Concept Range, you can use to measure, explode, configure. More options to follow. With ful custom install option available.

If you are looking to Manufacture our products why not join us Sign Up to our Partner Progromme. You can log in to your own Partner here Portal Login. Or you can find the links at the bottom right of all pages.


Deciding A System

Check out our little helper on deciding a system. Full information on all boxes, How to streamline and get organised.

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